Island Wars - Christmas Edition

Island Wars - Christmas Edition 2.50

Try to defeat your opponent's island before being defeated yourself!
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Island Wars Christmas Edition, is the second edition of the previously released Island Wars. For those who have played the previous edition, there’s no need to explain the game basics because they are the same. There are some new characteristics though. For those who haven’t played the previous edition we will try to briefly describe what this game is about.
The game develops in the South Pacific seas where the skies are clear, the sun is warm and waters are crystal. Kind of a paradise you may say. In this environment there are two islands trying to destroy the other island’s palm trees and they won’t stop until doing it. You can either play alone against the computer or against another player.
Island Wars 2: Christmas Edition features multiple game types. Each game type follows the general setting and theme of the game; however it has its own unique set of rules. When you choose the play option from the main menu, you will be leaded to a game type submenu where you can select your favorite one. Some game types have additional parameters that you can configure before you get to play. Bear in mind that a couple of those game types aren’t available in the trial edition.
Let’s know a little more about the game types:
• Classic War: this game type is comparable to Island Wars 1: two islands fight over their palm trees. The war is divided into a number of days, and each day has three stages: sunrise, noon, and sunset. In the "sunrise" stage, the objective is to use your airplane to destroy all of the enemy island's palm trees. In the "noon" stage, the objective is to use your cannon to defend your island's palm trees from incoming bombs. Finally, in the "sunset" stage, the objective is to use your airplane to shoot down the enemy airplane. If you think about it, it’s almost like three games in one. This game type also includes a tutorial. The tutorial will explain the basic rules of the game and guide you through your first few minutes of playing step-by-step.
• Invasion: in this game type you must defend your island against the enemy invasion. You'll have to fight your way through 50 waves of increasing difficulty. Simply shoot down anything that moves while protecting your palm trees from destruction. If you need help playing, select "in-game help" before you start the game for a beginner tutorial.
• Challenge: in this game type you must fight your way through 10 opposing islands of increasing difficulty. Each challenge takes place over three days, and when you win a challenge you move on to the next. Losing a challenge ends the game, and you have to start over again.
• Balloon Pop: in Balloon Pop you're in a race against time to collect as many bonuses as possible. The game is split up into 10 rounds, each of which lasts for 60 seconds. In that time, you must shoot as many balloons as possible. You can play this game type on your own, or cooperatively with a friend.
• Screensaver: the Screensaver game type is not really a game type at all, but rather a stunning fireworks screensaver.
• Free-For-All: in the Free-For-All (FFA) game type, you can make your own game rules, and tailor the gameplay to your exact needs. In FFA you effectively define a set of basic gameplay parameters:
o War Days
o Play Against
o Palm Trees
o Allow Bonuses
o Bonus Frequency
o Limit Bomb Range
o Difficulty
o Offensive Preference
o Defensive Preference
o Bonus Preference

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  • It's a high action game
  • It offers a multiplayer option
  • It can be played through a network


  • There are a couple of game types locked in the trial edition
  • It's available in English only
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